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I am a life coach and I live in a beautiful Pacific beach town in Costa Rica.  I work by phone with clients all over the world. I became a coach during the first wave of coaches in the late 90’s as the field emerged into a distinct profession.  I studied under Thomas Leonard and graduated from Coach University in 1997.  I also hold a dual undergraduate degree in philosophy and French literature from Georgetown University and a Master of Science in counseling psychology from Nova SouthEastern University.  I am fluent in English, French and Spanish.  

Bonnie Taulere, MS

 My Coaching Approach

My life purpose is about finding the beauty in others and help them create what they want.  My main strategy for that is through meaningful conversation.   Coaching is a partnership based on a powerful type of conversation.  You are the one who has all your answers.   My job is to help you ask yourself the right questions and access your most powerful answers.  I accomplish that through a blend of psychology, spirituality and organized personal development.

The Law of Attraction, a concept originally developed by New Thought authors at the turn of the 20th century and later popularized by Abraham Hicks and others in the early 21st, has spawned an abundance of life coaches who use this approach.  It’s positive, empowering, effective and fun! 


In accordance with the Law of Attraction, I believe everything has a vibrational frequency and like attracts like. How we focus our attention and how we feel makes a difference in the outcome of our lives. We can  influence our own state of being and the quality of our lives by focusing on what moves and empowers us, and then taking productive action from there.  We live in a society that tends to focus on the negative; we need to be intentional and disciplined to overcome this strong cultural force. 

In addition to the classic “clear intention coupled with productive action” orientation combined with a Law of Attraction tone, I bring another dimension entirely, and that is from the work of the great thinker Carl Jung.   This includes the MBTI personality preference assessment for which I am certified, the concept of archetypes (elaborated by the work of Caroline Myss), work with the shadow, paths toward wholeness and self-actualization.  I find that adding this to the coaching mix offers an abundance of personal resources to the client he may not be aware of.   It’s a deeper, more holistic approach.    You can see my program descriptions here.    

Carl Jung


"I worked with a life coach before and wish that I had known Bonnie then.  I like to use life coaching as a creative means to get more out of life.  Bonnie is such a perceptive listener with no subject too large or small. She helped me recognize conflicting issues, sort through them and move out of discomfort.   I felt supported in all my desires and found it fun and fascinating to co-create strategies with her. Thank you, Bonnie! You are amazing!" -Susan S. 

"I have worked with Bonnie several times over the past 15 years.   She is an amazing listener and intuitive coach.  She will immediately put you at ease, which makes the discovery process about yourself so much easier.  I know that anytime I find myself in a "stuck place",  I will call Bonnie for help to work through it!  She is the best!"   - Pam N.

"Two years ago, I was at a time in my life when I was overloaded and very stressed.  I was lucky enough to cross paths with Bonnie Taulere and engaged in a coaching relationship..... Accomplishments and options I once thought to be too lofty have now become reality.  One of my goals centered on changing careers to serve persons recovering from addiction.  I am now a recovery coach, living in my dream location.  Bonnie has been so instrumental in guiding me; I highly recommend her as a “Coach’s” Coach."  -  Lorna A.

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