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Quality Mid Life & Beyond
Reinventing yourself

   At Midlife

Ages 40 to 60 can often bring life challenges including  boredom or discontent with one's career,  marriage or sense of self.  The children are becoming adults, you may be facing financial pressures, and/or the beginning of physical decline,  All of the above pushes toward some kind of big change, often called midlife crisis.  A perfect time to reinvent yourself with the help of a coach.

Beyond Midlife

The sixties and beyond mark another period of huge change: retirement and adjusting to a fixed income, a quieter, emptier household, slowing down, more physical changes, possibly illness, yet at the same time there there is new found freedom,  more time for travel, projects and getting in touch with undiscovered or forgotten parts of yourself.

"I like to use life coaching as a creative means to get more out of life.  Bonnie is such a perceptive listener with no subject too large or small. She helped me recognize conflicting issues, sort through them and move out of discomfort.   I felt supported in all my desires.  Thank you, Bonnie! You are

        amazing!"  ​ - Susan S. 

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