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 What does a life coach do, exactly?

Life coaching developed as a profession during the 90's, with roots in the human potential movement, executive coaching, and personal motivation.  It has now gone mainstream with over 15,000 coaches practicing in the US and thousands more worldwide.  A professional life coach, or personal coach, is trained to assist a client gain clarity, formulate goals, and take productive action to realize those goals.   Goals can be anything from changing jobs or careers, relocating to a different geographical area, to increasing income, to identifying one's life purpose, or to solving a variety of life problems.   


At Quality Life Coaching Services, I begin with you, and an in-depth assessment of your personality traits, strengths, and passions.   Then I help you clarify your goals and desires, and systematically remove obstacles that are in the way of you getting what you want.   I use proven techniques that create real world results to help you live a high quality life.   

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A quality life begins with you....

Your life is a direct expression of your self. Do you really know yourself?   Through a systematic analysis of multiple factors, I will deliver your Personal Matrix that includes your archetypes, values, vision, mission and strategies. From there we will work together to formulate success strategies that can be used across the span of your relationships and goals.

What does your personal matrix have to do with the quality of your life?    Knowing who you are, what's important to you,  and what people can count on from you gives you tremendous leverage to give and receive from others.  A quality life comes from creating what you really want that's in harmony with who you are at a deep, soulful level.

 "I have worked with Bonnie several times over the past 15 years.   She is an amazing listener and intuitive coach.  She will immediately put you at ease, which makes the discovery process about yourself so much easier.  I know that anytime I find myself in a "stuck  place",  I will call Bonnie for help to   work through it!  She is the best!"              Pam N.

 So what do you really want?

Some people know exactly what they want and have a strategy to get it; they may want support and motivation from a coach, a sounding board, or an alternate perspective from a professional.   Some people know what they want but are not clear about how to move forward to create it in their life.    And some (most I would say) are really not sure of exactly what they want.   They are much clearer about what they don't want.   I am trained to help in all of these cases.   I have proven techniques to help you create practical results in the real world to upgrade the quality of your life.   

 Are you living your life purpose?

Psychological research has shown that having a sense of purpose  and living it is one of the most significant characteristics of people who report experiencing a high quality life.   Perhaps you already have a sense of purpose but are not living it fully.   Or perhaps you would like to feel more purposeful but cannot identify how.  Knowing your Personal Matrix will show you the way.

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