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Career Transition

Are you at a juncture in your career? Maybe your gut is telling you to move on.....maybe you are in between jobs and not sure which direction to take.    My career transition coaching is based on a grounded assessment of your skills, talents and experience.   Let me guide you through a process that will give you clarity as you find your path

What are you worth in the employment marketplace?  Why aren't you earning your target income?   Rather than looking for "whatever you can find",  I can help you find what suits you best: leveraging your temperament, your skills, experience and most importantly, what you would really love to be doing.

Business Start up

Ready to make that leap to self-employment?  Hire a coach to show you the way to what can be absolutely the most liberating career scenario.....depending on your personal matrix.   Work with me to assess what your business concept will need  from you besides the financial investment.  Do your skills line up with what the business requires?   Investing in this process can mean the difference between success and failure.   Move forward with your eyes wide open and set your sights on creating the business of your dreams.

"Two years ago, I was at a time in my life when I was overloaded and very stressed.  I was lucky enough to cross paths with Bonnie Taulere and engaged in a coaching relationship..... Accomplishments and options I once thought to be too lofty have now become reality.  One of my goals centered on changing careers to serve persons recovering from addiction.  I am now a recovery coach, living in my dream location.  Bonnie has been so instrumental in guiding me; I highly recommend her as a “Coach’s” Coach."  -  Lorna A.

Coaching for Coaches

If you are considering becoming a coach, or if you are a coach looking for a coach, give me a call to discuss possibilities.  Let me be one of those who impact your journey into this exciting field.   Almost every coach has one or more careers prior to coaching.  I can help you leverage your previous career to make the most of how and whom you seek as clients.  The Personal MatrixTM   can be your road map.

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