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Program Descriptions

My coaching focuses on you creating the quality life you want.  This can entail problem solving, removing obstacles, goal setting, personal growth and development, spiritual evolution, and more.   We lay the foundation first: together we create the matrix for you to develop your quality life.   In my introductory program, I take you through a structured identity process using a variety of assessments.  This also involves taking a look at your shadow side and embracing your weaknesses, because these are simply alternate expressions of your core energies.   The purpose of this process is to raise your awareness of who you are in your entirety, so that you can learn to apply all your personal resources toward creating the quality life you want.   


In the second series, we custom build your launchpad, finding the ways that work best and fastest for you to get what you want. And in each session, we use your everyday situations to illustrate how your greater self-awareness can be used in a very practical way.  Perhaps the most valuable outcome of this self exploration is an upgrade in your relationship with yourself.  You will have greater affection for who you are by the end of these programs.     


All sessions are one-on-one coaching by phone.   Session length is 30-40 minutes.    

I. Your Personal Matrix

Session #1:  MBTI
Session #2:  Identifying your Archetypes
Session #3:  Archetypes II
Session #4:  Your Natal Chart 
Session #5:  Your North & South Nodes
Session #6:  Your True Values
Session #7:  Vision, Mission & Purpose
Session #8:  Favorite Processes & Apps
Session #9:  Lighting Up Your Shadows
Session #10: Self Care & Key Needs
Session #11: Putting It All Together 
Session #12: Wrap Up & What's Next for You?

2. Building Your  Launchpad 

Session #1: Identifying Your Quality Life
Session #2: Deleting Tolerations
Session #3: Clean Sweep
Session #4: Progress Eval #1
Session #5: Survey of Success Strategies
Session #6: Your Archetypes as Guides
Session #7: Your Winning Formula
Session #8: What Do You Really Want?
Session #9: Intention & Goal Setting
Session #10: Conflict & Sabotage Check
Session #11:  Progress Eval #2
Session #12:  Wrap Up & What's Next?
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